I’ve hit the headlines and my exclusive Christmas gift guide

Hello, Anna here!

It is very quiet again at the farm so I thought I would share a quick update with you all.

First things first, we are all missing our wonderful visitors and can’t wait to welcome you back.

Next up, not content with being a National champion as well as a blogging superstar and social media influencer, I have now made the National news including the Times and the Daily Mail!

Why, you ask? Well, apparently people think it is quite amusing that my best friend Shona is quite a bit smaller than me. I don’t think it’s strange so I asked Shona who said it was good to have someone to look up to!

Read all about it here

What else? Well, Santa is coming to visit. I asked Alistair if I could book to have my breakfast with him, but Alistair said that this year that wasn’t possible, so we are setting up the Exhibition centre for Santa to make sure all the children can see him! Great Idea.

Find out more about our Christmas weekend here

Finally, I know when I speak to people around this time of year they tell me how they are struggling with the Christmas shopping so I thought I would share my special gift guide with you!

  1. Adoption

Although you can adopt any horse on the farm, surely the only real choice is me! Not only do you get a lovely picture of me and your name on my enclosure, but you also get tickets to come and see yours truly! Adoptions make great gifts, although it is worth saying that, if you do adopt me, I don’t come and live with you, and let’s be honest you probably don’t want me to, your house would be a wreck! You can also adopt my lovely son MacGregor.

(Shire horse adoption £60, foal adoption £30)
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  1. Membership

What better present to give someone is unlimited to visits to see me and all my friends on the farm? You get to see us all through the different seasons. We also have 9 foals due in 2021 for you to come and see. My second foal is due in May

Includes a lovely pack and an optional cuddly shire
(Memberships start from £25)
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  1. Cotebrook Calendar

If you can’t visit as much as you would like, then our calendar means you get to see lovely pictures from the centre each month. January and November are the best ones this year as they feature me!

(Available online £8 plus P&P)
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I can’t wait to see you again, don’t forget to let me know of all the lockdown gossip.

Bye for now   

Anna x x