Anna’s update and Christmas Gift Guide

Hello, Anna here!

Firstly let me take the opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Over the last couple of weekends, we have had Santa here and it has been wonderful seeing all the excited children!

What did I ask him for? Well… some beauty products for my long-awaited return to the show ring of course!

I was so proud when my daughter Carianna made her first appearance in the show ring, following in my hoof steps. She won a couple of progeny awards with Cairn Gorm. I’m sure it’s the start of many awards she will win and I am so proud.

We are also gearing up for foal watch 2022! I am one of six mares in foal for 2022 with Laggan due in January, only one month away!

Finally, I know when I speak to people around this time of year they tell me how they are struggling with the Christmas shopping so I thought I would share my special gift guide with you!

  1. Adoption

Although you can adopt any horse on the farm, surely the only real choice is me! Not only do you get a lovely picture of me and your name on my enclosure, but you also get tickets to come and see yours truly! Adoptions make great gifts, although it is worth saying that, if you do adopt me, I don’t come and live with you, and let’s be honest you probably don’t want me to, your house would be a wreck! You can also adopt my lovely son MacGregor or Daughter Carianna.

(Shire horse adoption £60, foal adoption £30)
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  1. Membership

What better present to give someone is unlimited to visits to see me and all my friends on the farm? You get to see us all through the different seasons. We also have 6 foals due in 2022 for you to come and see.(Memberships start from £25)
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  1. Cotebrook Calendar

If you can’t visit as much as you would like, then our calendar means you get to see lovely pictures from the centre each month. January and November are the best ones this year as they feature me!

(Available online £8 plus P&P)
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Don’t forget to come and say “hi” if you are visiting soon, we are open every day except Christmas Day and Boxing Day!

Bye for now   

Anna x x