My much anticipated gift guide and laughs with Santa!

Hello, It’s Anna here!

Well, I thought I had better come on here with an update as my inbox has been bombarded with requests for people who can’t start their Christmas shopping until they have read my “Christmas Gift Guide”!

First up is the gift of seeing me… 

Our memberships give you unlimited free visits to see me! (We also have loads more shire, otters, pole cats, foxes, pigs, owls, deer, wildcats and squirrels) but like I said the main benefit is that they will get to see more of ME!

Buy here

You can also adopt me! You receive a certificate, your name on the board in my field and tickets to come and see me. Oh… Janet told me to mention that you can also adopt any other horse or animal on the farm, which you can, but *wink, wink pick me!

Buy here

Oh.. we also have an online shop and are currently offering free delivery until Christmas. There are lots of great souvenirs like our cuddly shire, bobble hat (modelled by me here), official calendar and Alistair’s book “Shire Genius” which is a great way to find out about the history and why I was his “Miss World”

Shop Now

Still not sure? We offer gift vouchers that can be used against admission tickets, the shop and cafe or an experience day. Choose either an amount or what you would like to give. Remember if you buy an admission voucher it includes free visits for a whole month.

Oh and before I forget, the big man (Santa) is coming back to host his brilliant grotto again. He his so funny, he always tells me a brilliant joke about me having a long face! He said I am a bit big to sit on his knee though, which is a shame!

You can book here: Santa’s Grotto

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my blog and I have taken some of the stress of Christmas shopping away. Don’t forget to come and say hi next time you are here. 

Anna xx