Big Al’s adventure and a visit from the dentist

Hello everybody, 

We are all really missing you! I asked Alistair the other day if visitors would be allowed back soon. He said that the signs are looking good as they have started a vaccination programme which should help, he said he is getting his this week. I said “great! When do I get mine?” He said it might be a while as they are starting with 80 and 70 year olds, and I’m only 5, plus “you’re a horse” he said. Not sure what that has to do with it!

We had a visit from the dentist. When he was on his way to Cotebrook,  I said to Alistair “What time is he coming?” Alistair said said “2:30” I said, “Is that some sort of joke?” He said no, and looked a bit annoyed, I said “Why the long face Alistair?!”

Then last week we had a call from the police, Big Al had escaped! Alistair went to get him and luckily he was fine.

When he came back, we were so keen to know what it was like out there. A few of us have left the farm before, but mainly for shows and we have to be on our best behaviour.

Big Al said it was a bit boring to be honest, most things were closed. He tried the pub but no luck!

What’s next? Well, we are only a few weeks from foal season, as you know I am pregnant again. I asked MacGregor if he wanted a Brother or a Sister. He said he didn’t mind as long as he didn’t have to do any babysitting!

First up is Miranda, one of our lovely Clydesdale mares who is due on the first of March just over 3 weeks away. She is in foal to my late Dad Edward. Alistair is so excited as Miranda’s Dad is one of the greatest Clydesdales and as you know my Dad Edward is a legend in the Shire Horse world.

That’s all for now, I’ll update you all soon.


x x