Cotebrook Kelsie

The ideal gift for animal lovers!

Did You Know?

All the female Shire horses bred at Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre are named after Scottish Lochs.

This is Brooms 3rd foal in 3 years and she is fast becoming one of our best brood mares. Her 1st foal Arkle was pretty amazing. Loch Awe her 2nd foal was big with 2 dark legs. Kelsie is her best foal to date with 4 white legs and black like her mum. At this moment in time, Kelsie looks like being a top show horse.

Close neighbours of ours, Elsie and Brian Rowland, and their 2 sons, Wayne and Kevin, have lived in Cotebrook as long as Alistair, and have always been great friends. Elsie sadly passed away in May last year and the family asked Alistair to do the eulogy at her funeral. He of course accepted and said that he would name one of this year’s foals in her memory.

The timing and the right foal were fortuitous and so it was that the name Elsie was selected with the initial “K” for our surname King. “KELSIE”

Cotebrook Kelsie will be a memory for years to come and Brian can look out of his window and see his wifes namesake every day.

Kelsie is an Old English name meaning Victorious ship. Lets hope she is Victorious in the showring!