Foals, Foals…. and more foals!

Hello! Anna Here,

Foal watch 2019 has been a great success– 6 healthy foals born this year, all really good quality, the most successful year in terms of foaling for many years. There were 5 filly foals and a lovely colt foal for Laggan – her first ever foal. Its lovely to see them all galloping around the fields but I haven’t been asked to babysit yet. 

At Cotebrook we have 10 mares all eligible for foals next year PLUS the gorgeous me!

Alistair arranged a nice young fella for my date in early February and we quickly got it together. I was scanned in foal to have twins however the pregnancy didn’t materialise properly, thank goodness. I couldn’t have coped with TWO foals getting under my feet. Leonardo and I had another go and we are due to have a foal together towards the end of April next year.

Seven other mares are also scanned in foal with three more mated and waiting for confirmation of their pregnancies, including my mum Carron.

I wonder who all their boyfriends are? I hope that Leonardo hasn’t been two-timing me! 

It’s also summertime (although I wish the rain would go away!) which means the return of piglet racing. As always you know who to come and see if you want a tip!