Here come the boys…

Hello! Anna here…

Sorry I have been a bit quiet recently, it has been a VERY busy time here at the centre with five foals born between March and May.

I actually became an aunt at the beginning of March, and then an hour and a half later I had a foal of my own! I’m not going to get overshadowed by my Sister now am I?

To say it was a busy night was an understatement and just to add to it all, An Righ and Ben Lui where at the National Shire Horse Show. Ben Lui was first in his class, 2 year old stallion class. It turns out all my tips worked. I was Supreme National Champion 2 years running, you know? (Have I ever mentioned that?)

Out of the 5 foals, 4 were boys! We are not used to having so many boys on the farm so it has been a bit of a learning curve… They are a bit mischievous but they all get on really well.

Luckily, we finally welcomed a filly foal when Maddy gave birth to Roise. The early signs are that she will be the boss of the boys and put them in their place!

Half-term is also coming up, which means even more little ones on the farm! Remember we have a full timetable (which you can see here) and tickets come with FREE return visits for a whole month, meaning you can come and see me every day over half term without spending more money. It sounds like a great deal to me, but I’ll let you make your own mind up. I am a horse after all and we don’t really know much about money!

That’s all for now, remember if you are visiting soon come and say hello to me and my boy.

Anna x x