Lady Fiona

The ideal gift for animal lovers!

Did You Know?

All the female Shire horses bred at Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre are named after Scottish Lochs.

Fiona was purchased by The Cotebrook Shire Stud in Autumn 2017. She was suckling a foal at the time of purchase and has been a regular breeder in the past.

Because of her age she wasn’t an expensive mare, but her father, Collessie Cut Above, was probably the greatest breeding Clydesdale Stallion of modern times. Although Fiona is an older mare her confirmation is outstanding. She might be a little on the small side but Clydesdales are of a smaller stature than Shires.

Alistair decided to take a chance on buying and breeding from her using Moorfield Edwards frozen semen.

She was artificially inseminated in Spring 2019 and although she was 7 weeks overdue she gave birth to a lovely black colt with 4 white legs.

He was born on the 4th anniversary of his fathers death so we have called him Edward.