Cotebrook Fleet

The ideal gift for animal lovers!

Did You Know?

All the male Shire horses bred at Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre are named after Scottish mountains.

We were hoping for a filly foal this time from Laggan but instead we have a beautiful colt. Laggans 2 previous foals, Alistairs Whats Wanted and Ben Lawers, were also colts which makes three in a row!

Like the other two, this foal is of fabulous quality, and very nicely marked, and we hope that he will do well in the show ring later this year.

Laggan is half Clydesdale and half Shire, and consequently she is registered as a Grade B Shire.  Any filly foals that Laggan has, can be registered as full pedigree but if she has a colt foal it must be gelded (castrated). This is because a stallion could breed over 40 foals per year thus diluting the breed too quickly, whereas a mare can only produce one foal per year.

All the foals born here have our prefix “Cotebrook” in their names.  The females are named after lochs in Scotland and the males are named after mountains in Scotland, with just a few special exceptions over the years.