Let me introduce myself…

Hello everybody, let me introduce myself, my name is Anna and I am the biggest gossip around here.I love to keep you in touch with what’s happening at Cotebrook – straight from the horses mouth!

My full name is Cotebrook Loch Anna and I am the 2016 National Champion Female. Alistair calls me his “Miss World” . My mum Carron calls me a “Diva” ! 

I can’t help being perfect can I

I was 2 years old on 8th May 2016 and Alistair keeps telling me that I am absolutely gorgeous – but I already know that. I am jet black with four white socks and I look down on everybody – well, I am over 18 hands high!

My mum is Cotebrook Loch Carron, who is Alistairs favourite mare, and my father is Moorfield Edward. My dad used to write this blog until he sadly passed away on 24th April 2016. I really, really miss him as he was so proud of me and my success in the showring, especially when I became National Champion Female this year AND one of his other kids was National Champion Gelding. He was a brilliant dad and was the record breaking National Champion Stock Stallion for the 9th time in 2016.      

I am going to write this blog now that my Dad is no longer with us and will catch up with you all soon. Before I go I must just tell you that I had 2 half sisters born earlier this year, Charlies Bonnie Lassie on 29th January 2016 and Loch Laggan on 21st February 2016. My dear old mum, bless her heart, had my fabulous full sister who was born on 12th May 2016 – I did hear Alistair say that she was “really fit” (whatever that means)

I will have to go now as Alistair wants to do my hair and give me a pedicure – its hard work being a Diva!

Bye for now

Anna xx