Loch Rannoch

The ideal gift for animal lovers!

Did You Know?

All the female Shire horses bred at Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre are named after Scottish Lochs.

Rannochs father is Moorfield Ted who lived at Cotebrook for many years. Ted is the son of Moorfield Edward and Teds mother was Moorfield Victoria who was Moorfield Charles’ full sister. Rannoch therefore carries the genes of three fantastic stallions.

Rannochs  mother was Knowehead Tilly who lived at Cotebrook for many years until she passed away. Tilly was a high quality Clydesdale with excellent bloodlines, her half sister being Middlebank Carlogie Anita who was a 5 times U.S. National Champion. So Rannoch also carries fantastic genes on her mothers side.

Rannoch is registered as a Grade B shire because her mother is a Clydesdale and her father is a Shire.

This recognises the cross breeding and enables any filly foals that Rannoch has, to be registered as full pedigree.

However, if Rannoch has colt foals, the foals must be gelded (castrated). This is because a stallion could breed over 40 foals per year thus diluting the breed too quickly, whereas a mare can only produce one foal per year at best.

Rannoch has excellent confirmation and is ¾ sister to Laggan and Ben Alder, who have both been very successful in the showring.

Her first foal Maddy was born in February 2019 and is one of the best young fillies we have ever bred. As she is a filly out of a Grade B shire, she can be registered as a full pedigree Shire. We have high hopes for her in the showring.

Rannoch is in foal to Leonardo and is due in May 2021. Another filly like Maddy would be an absolute dream!

Rannoch is very distinctive as she doesn’t have a blaze. She is also very glamourous with a lovely long mane which she loves to toss about – because she’s worth it!