MacGregor’s great escape and my woodland adventure

Well hello again!

What an eventful year! This year I became a Mum, an Aunt again and Step Sister!

People keep asking me if I’m enjoying Motherhood and the answer is YES! I do need a break every now and again though.

Everyone was thinking MacGregor kept escaping into Maddie’s field. Don’t tell anyone but I had her doing a bit of babysitting for me! I bribed her with a few apples a week and then I just lifted the fence when no-one was looking.

When Alistair brought him back, he checked the fence and scratched his head and I just said: “Your guess is as good as mine Alistair!”

MacGregor has been weaned now, so he can go and play with his friends and I can get my much-needed beauty sleep. You don’t win the National Championship without looking after yourself you know.

Sometimes in the morning before you all visit I have a little wander around the farm. I recently headed down to the new Red Squirrel village and wow! It’s great! The squirrels run and run and run. I got tired just watching them.

I saw the wood carvings too. I asked Alistair why they all had letters on them. He said it was for the Woodland Quiz. I asked him if he would get me a form so that I could have a go. He said it was safer to download it. Luckily I have a computer. How else do you think I could write a blog?!

We have had such a busy Summer since we reopened. Thank you to everyone who has supported us during these difficult times by becoming members, adopting animals (especially me!) visiting and donating. Please continue, as we still need lots of help as the winter beckons.

Hopefully, we will continue to be busy over the coming months, I mean who doesn’t want to come and see me?

Anna x x