Miranda’s Memory

The ideal gift for animal lovers!

Did You Know?

All the female Shire horses bred at Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre are named after Scottish Lochs.

This foal has a very special pedigree.

Collessie Cut Above and Moorfield Edward are two of the greatest stallions in the history of the Clydesdale and Shire breeds respectively.

Redcastle Miranda was purchased by me in February 2020 as she was the daughter of Cut Above.  She has seven Cawdor Cup winners in her pedigree of 15 closest ancestors, and her daughter Pretty Amazing Grace, unbeaten in the showring, succeeded in winning the Clydesdale Champion of Champions in 2019. 

Miranda was artificially inseminated using frozen semen from Moorfield Edward, our great Shire stallion who passed away in 2016. Edward was a prolific breeder who has sired 14 National Champions and he won the Champion Stock Stallion Award a record 9 times (usually with one of his sons as runner up!)

The resulting eagerly awaited foal was born on Sunday 14th March, after a traumatic time as she was trapped inside. Her mum was unable to get up for several hours, and after a night long struggle with our vet we eventually got her to her feet. Unfortunately, she deteriorated quickly and collapsed, and we sadly had to put her to sleep. We were devastated.

HOWEVER, the good thing is that the foal is strong and beautiful and everything I had ever hoped it would be. She is a magnificent filly and is thriving suckling from an automatic milk warmer and feeder.

She is such a pleasure to look at, I have named her in honour of her mum, Mirandas Memory.