Motherhood and the big name reveal!

Sorry I haven’t been in touch lately but I have been very busy expecting – expecting what? I wasn’t sure, but Alistair was fussing over me like a mother hen so I knew something was going to happen! And then I lay down the other night at 2 am and out popped this “thing” with long legs wrapped around itself. Thank goodness Alistair had been sleeping in his car in my field so that we could see what it was when he put the lights on. I had a beautiful baby boy!

I was so pleased because everyone else seems to be having babies. I was getting quite jealous of Lassie, Loyal, Laggan and Fiona – and now I have one of my own! He is very precious to me and I keep giving him cuddles and kisses. I wanted to keep him all to myself – but I have let Shona come and see him, she is my best friend after all. I wonder if I should ask her to be godmother?

Kerrera and Broom are both due to foal on the same day, 9th May, then my Auntie Angel is due in June and, last but not least, my mum Carron in July.

If all goes well that will be nine foals! At least they will have lots of playmates to play with and give us mums a rest.

Now – what do we call him? I wanted to name him after Alistair but Laggan had already pinched that idea. Alistair suggested MacGregor which is the clan name for the King family. Alistair’s son is named Matthew Gregory King (MGK) and his brother is Andrew MacGregor King.

The most famous MacGregor was Rob Roy so – we have called him Rob Roy MacGregor. 

Oh no…… Alistair has just told me that Rob Roy was a renowned outlaw and cattle rustler who had a reputation as a Scottish Robin Hood. I hope that my little man doesn’t take after him!

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