New life, New Merchandise and Eggcellent Puns!


Anna here.

Is Spring finally here? It’s certainly nice to see the sun shining…

So, what’s happening at the centre? 

Well, my good friend Laggan FINALLY had a filly foal after 3 colts. At the foal shower, we all had to guess and I said it would be a filly, I could just tell by the way she was carrying it.

We also have two first-time Mums who are expecting in April, Loch Awe and Maddy. They are a bit nervous but seeing as I am an experienced Mum, I have been giving them my best pearls of wisdom. I told them to get into a routine early, sleep when they do and ask us for help if they need it.

Next up is Easter, if you are anything like me, then you probably love chocolate eggs, but sometimes you can have TOO many, right?

Well lucky we have some brilliant gifts including a new range of official merchandise including mugs, cushions, bags, notebooks, tea towels and much more.

Looking for something a bit different (with less chocolate) our adoptions and memberships also make great gifts. You can adopt our newest arrival Loch an Righ for just £30.

Anyway, that’s all from me I hope you have an eggciting time if you head over to visit and a cracking Easter! Oh, and don’t spend too much time yoking about! (Ok enough of the eggcellent puns Anna!)

Until next time,

Anna x x