Nice to see you, to see you….

Well isn’t this exciting! What an interesting few months it has been.

As you know in April I had my first foal. MacGregor is great, I love him so much. I really wanted to show him off to everybody but unfortunately, we had to be closed at the time.

Now it has all changed and it has been really exciting to see people on the farm again and introduce you all to my lovely foal.

You have all been great, making sure you are not getting to close to each other, but I’m glad I’m not human as I love all the attention and fuss that has been made of me.

Our first visitor when we opened was our local MP, Alistair said he had been down to London to ask the Prime Minister if we could open and he said yes! We are so grateful to him and look forward to seeing him and his family again soon.

We now have 7 foals on the farm, 4 boys and 3 girls! My Mum Carron is the last horse due in 2020, what a year it has been for her, she already had 2 grandchildren this year with MacGregor and my sister Loyal’s first foal, Patricia.

Alistair told me about all the support we had during the time we were closed from donations, adoptions and memberships and I wanted to say thank you so much to everybody! I helped out where I could, I licked the envelopes for the packs that we sent out. I’m much better at it than Alistair, well, my tongue is much bigger so not much of a contest. He also said that the foals are the most popular for adoptions. I said “What! Surely it’s me?” apparently not. Don’t forget you can adopt any horse or animal on the farm, (wink, wink, me!) here.

Alistair told me when we were closed he started his own blog called “Alistair’s Antics”. I read it, it was quite good, but I asked if he needed any pointers. I told him about hashtags, but he said that he was only interested in hash browns! Oh, well.

I am looking forward to welcoming even more people here over the next few weeks, don’t forget to say hi, you must have loads of gossip to share.

Anna x x