Our Animals

Here at Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre, as well as our magnificent heavy horses, we have a fantastic selection of British animals & birdlife both wild & domesticated including rare breeds.


Shetland Ponies, Pigs and piglets, Hens, Ducks and Peacocks


Red Squirrels, Scottish Wild Cats, Otters, Polecats, Red Foxes, Red Deer, Birds of Prey and Game Birds

This list changes from season to season as young are born and all of our wildlife has either been born in captivity or rescued while injured from the wild. We also have a small flock of Lohmann Brown hens who run free around our farmyard.

Our hens produce lovely eggs of various sizes and shades of brown. The eggs have lovely deep yellow yolks, why not try one of our egg sandwiches or scrambled egg in the Lakeside Cafe or you can purchase some fresh laid eggs to take home.


Home of the internationally renowned Cotebrook Shire Horse Stud we have been breeding prize winning Shires here for over 45 years and they form the centrepiece of the Centre