Red Squirrels and Baby Classes

Hello, and a big happy New Year from your favourite blogging horse!

Did you come to see us when Santa was here? I loved seeing all the festive jumpers, I keep asking Alistair if he will knit me one now its gone so cold, but he says he doesn’t have time. Oh well, maybe I could try knitting my own, does anybody have any wool I can use?

The big news is that we now have Red Squirrels at the centre. It’s part of a breeding programme to help increase the population of Red Squirrels in the UK, Alistair is very excited about it.

What else is new? Well, if you don’t know already I’m pregnant! I’m due on the 26th April. Me and the other first time Mum’s- to- be (Bonnie Lassie, Loyal and Kererra) are having antenatal classes with my Mum Carron who has a lot of experience giving birth. The only problem is that we have to take it in turns bringing the Father along as Leonardo is the Dad to all four foals!!

I keep telling Alistair that we are going to need a bigger creche this year as there are a total of NINE foals due. Bonnie Lassie has now had her foal and she can’t wait to meet you all!

The Shire Horse National Show is also on the horizon and I am raring to get my National Championship crown back! What a year that would be – a new baby for me and a Supreme National Championship!

As always don’t forget to come and see me and tell me all the latest gossip, I promise I won’t tell…


Anna x x