Redcastle Miranda

The ideal gift for animal lovers!

Did You Know?

All the female Shire horses bred at Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre are named after Scottish Lochs.

It is very rare for Cotebrook to buy horses in, we normally rely on breeding our own and to date we have been very successful in this field. We have had some great stallions over the years and our success emanates from this careful breeding plan.
Stallions like Moorfield Charles, our foundation stallion. Moorfield Edward, the greatest breeding stallion that ever lived. Edwards son Moorfield Ted, another from the great Moorfield line, and more recently Leverton Leonardo, who is breeding tremendously well for us today.
Whilst on holiday in Scotland in February 2020 we were tipped off about a Clydesdale mare for sale who was a Collessie Cut Above daughter (Cut Above was one of the greatest Clydesdale Stallions that ever lived).
We drove right across Scotland to see her, her name was Redcastle Miranda. She was 16 years old and we bought her.
If Miranda had been a lot younger, we may not have afforded to buy her.
She arrived in Cotebrook a couple of weeks later and was mated with frozen semen from Moorfield Edward. The Artificial Insemination was a success first time and Miranda is the first mare to give birth at Cotebrook in 2021 and is due on 1st March.
Miranda has seven Cawdor Cup winners in her pedigree of 15 closest ancestors. This is the most prestigious award of the Clydesdale breed in Scotland, and a horse can only win one Cawdor Cup in its lifetime. This is some amazing breeding.
To add to all this success, Miranda’s daughter, Redcastle Amazing Grace, an 11-year-old who has not been beaten in the showring, succeeded in winning the Champion of Champions in Scotland in 2019.

We look forward to more success with her foal in 2021 using a Collessie Cut Above daughter and  Moorfield  Edward—two of the greatest Stallions of the two breeds.

With such fantastic pedigrees on both sides let’s hope that Miranda and Edward are a match made in heaven!