Reopening Update

As you may already be aware after many weeks of preparing to make the centre as safe as possible we were given the news early this week that we wouldn’t be included in the next wave of businesses to be opening on the 15th June.

In fact, it won’t be reviewed again until the 18th June and the earliest we could open is the 4th July.

We are devastated as we were confident that we had made changes to make it safe. This included limiting the amount of visitors, adding hourly sessions, reducing contact points and introducing one way systems.

The current thinking by the Government is that once zoos, aquariums, farm parks and tourist attractions reopen, there will be a mass influx to them which might not be controllable.

The view is that opening non-essential shops first will have less impact.

The government is very aware that our type of business is really struggling financially as animal attractions still have huge feed bills and other costs to incur whilst closed.

We are not in agreement with the current thinking as we are an outdoor attraction, we use an advanced online ticketing system which can be easily managed, we have very effective communication channels in place to update visitors on our current policy and we have over 50 acres of space with over 2 miles of pathways most of which are over 2 metres wide, which we feel makes social distancing easier than it would be for many businesses that have been given the go ahead to open.

Unfortunately, all this means we need your help to survive. There are many ways to support us including adoptions. Adoptions are a great way to know you are directly supporting our animals as the money is put in a special account used for food, vet bills and other animal related costs.

You can become a member of the centre, giving you unlimited visits for 12 months as well as some other great benefits. All memberships purchased whilst we are closed will only commence from your first visit.

You can also easily donate via our website. Any donation will be greatly received and we thank you in advance for what could be essential money in keeping the centre open for years to come.