Ticket Booking Guide

Here’s our guide to booking tickets online

ONLINE BOOKINGS are  not essential but we encourage you to pre book as it reduces queuing time, guarantees entry and if booked 7 days in advance we offer a discounted rate.

When booking your ticket you can also download our  Welcome Leaflet and Map


Please book your return session through this system also using the code RETURNER and bring this ticket alongside your original full price ticket. Please note – tickets are non transferable and return visits must be booked with the same email as the original.

If you are buying new admission tickets alongside, please do this as a separate transaction.

MEMBERS do not need to book, please remember to bring your membership card when you visit.

ADOPTERS please book a ticket using the discount code ADOPTER and bring your adopter complimentary ticket from your pack along with your booking confirmation.

CHESHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST MEMBERS Cheshire Wildlife Trust members save 50% on admission. Tickets are for a single visit but you can book as many times as you like using your Cheshire Wildlife Trust membership. Please book using code WildlifeTrust50 and bring your valid Cheshire Wildlife Trust membership card along with your booking confirmation.  

If you are buying admission tickets for non Wildlife Trust members alongside, please do this as a separate transaction.

COMPLIMENTARY TICKET If you have been lucky enough to have won or been given a complimentary ticket please book using the discount code COMPTICKETS and bring the complimentary ticket along with your booking confirmation.