We are the Champions!

This was my Dad’s last blog so I have left it for you all to read again as he was so proud of his kids.

Anna xx

Hi Everyone,

I didn’t get much sleep this weekend with Alistair coming down the yard at 6am on Friday, 4am on Saturday and then 3am on Sunday morning! What a noise he made with the horses clattering around the yard and the horse box revving up at such an unearthly hour.  I need my beauty sleep these days you know.

And then Alistair explained – when he landed home late on Sunday night. He came straight down to my stable to congratulate me! What for I said??? 

He told me that everyone had been to the Shire Horse National Show and my son Hercules had won the National Champion Gelding. He is owned by Alistair’s son Matthew – (n.b.my son is better looking)

And then he told me that my daughter Anna had won not only the Junior National Champion Female but also the Supreme National Champion Female. I was ecstatic! She is not two years old until May. Alistair calls her his “Miss World” He could be right!

I have just been for a walk up the field with Alistair to see if any of the mares up there needed my attention. They all just ignored me but I couldn’t take my eyes off Anna. She is amazing and 18hh already – truly awesome. I am so proud of my kids.

And then Alistair saved the best news till last – I have been awarded the Champion Stock Stallion Award for the 9thtime!!   I arrived in Cotebrook in 2010 and my own successes have been unparalleled in the Shire world since that time. I have won the Champion Stock Stallion award in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, & 2016. I lost out on the award in 2013 when I lost by ONE POINT to my son Manor Mac and now I have won it NINE times in total. (I couldn’t win in 2009 & 2010 because I was abroad in Denmark)

Alistair told me that he would have liked to have taken me to the show to collect my award in person, all dressed up in my stallion harness, but I couldn’t go because I have had an abscess in my back foot again which has been very painful. It’s much better now though and Tilly has had my very best attention this afternoon, just before I sat down to write this blog! You can’t keep a good man (or horse) down!

Bye for now