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We have lots of activities on throughout the day, check them out below to plan your visit.

This timetable is effective from the 24th February 2020

Timetable One

Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri

Take a walk on the wildside
Join our staff as they feed the Otters, Polecats, Red Foxes and Scottish Wildcat. Meet by the otters and follow the animal keeper for the opportunity for a chat and to ask any questions. Test
Meet a Shire
Meet our magnificent Shire horses at close hand for a talk by Alistair, Joe or Dave
Shetland Pony Grooming
Polo and Glen love to be brushed and their manes plaited

Please note that this schedule may be subject to change due to the weather, the welfare of the animals, or the needs of Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre

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